Sage-Code Laboratory

About Us: Sage-Code is an independent freelance bootcamp. We study software engineering and programming languages. Join us for tech-transition, gain work experience, improve your skills, innovate and contribute back with your skills to teach others. We learn and work together on disruptive and useful software applications.

Sage-Code Laboratory (SCL) was founded in 2010 by a group of software engineers who wanted to create a high quality platform for learning computer science and software engineering. We host various resource for students, professionals, enterpreneurs and anyone who wants to learn more about these topics. We offer on-line training courses, 101 on demand mentoring and SaaS applications.

101 Mentoring
What is 101 Mentoring?
In the world of programming, "101 mentoring" refers to guidance for beginners, where a mentor helps you grasp the programming basics, recommend resources, troubleshoot your code, advise on practice projects, and offer encouragement throughout your learning journey.

Coding Bootcamp

Kickstart your freelance coding career with our personalized learning program tailored for all skill levels. Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced programmer, our bootcamp provides the flexibility and guidance to achieve your goals. Gain in-demand programming skills, work on real-world projects, and receive mentorship from industry experts.

We offer two comprehensive tracks: Software Engineering and Programming Languages. The Software Engineering course covers fundamental concepts like logic, programming paradigms, architecture, databases, cybersecurity, and more. The Programming Languages track focuses on mastering multiple coding languages, debugging, and developing high-quality software projects. Both courses equip you with the practical knowledge and experience to thrive as a successful freelance developer.

Beginner's Package

Advanced Programmers

Our bootcamp is completely free, but donations on Ko-fi help us cover hosting and infrastructure costs, ensuring we can continue offering this valuable resource. We offer two ways to support us: one-time donations or ongoing subscriptions for unlimited 101 mentorship and server resources. Subscriptions provide a sustainable way to fund our content and services. Visit our Ko-fi page and become a sponsor!


This comprehensive course covers fundamental software engineering concepts for students, engineers, freelancers, and tech enthusiasts. Topics include programming paradigms, system architecture, databases, cybersecurity, testing, and networks. Gain a solid foundation to excel in your tech career. Whether you're a student, professional, or entrepreneur, you'll learn principles and best practices to thrive in the dynamic tech industry.


Designed for beginners interested in coding and IT, this course teaches essential programming skills through an interactive approach. Learn through live sessions, video recordings, and hands-on projects. Master reading, writing, and debugging software projects. Develop expertise to provide professional programming services. Gain practical experience needed to succeed in the IT industry, working independently or with a team.

Business Program

This program goes beyond just coding. You'll learn how to work effectively in a freelance team, manage projects from start to finish, and understand key market trends. Network with other like-minded individuals and build the business acumen needed for a successful freelance or entrepreneurial career. This is your opportunity to turn your technical skills into a thriving business.


We host open source projects for learning and private projects for SaaS business. Our code-base is protected to avoid trolling and piracy. Anyone can contribute to Sage-Code open source projects but only selected members can participate to SaaS projects. The most active members can apply to join our core team, and work on private projects.


We offer support & services for hosting SaaS projects using cloud computing and local servers. Our services are scheduled to run automatically with action scripts. We use customized, efficient GPU micro-servers for in-house data processiong. You can register a project at no cost, then subscribe for services. Press the button below for details.

Security & Credentials

Privacy policy: We respect your privacy and keep your identity secret. Sage-Code organization is GDPR compliant. We don't have a registry or database that can be hacked and we don't collect any identifiable data about our users. Our communication channels are encrypted and private. This strategy has proven to be effective against any spammers, trolls and hackers! 🗝️🔒

Google Account

To get full advantage of our services you will need a Google account. We use groups, meet, voice, docs and chat. You can learn usig our resources without a Google account but you can't take a finale prep quiz and you can't participate on projects. We share documentation and collaborate using Google services.

Discord Account

For 101 mentoring and continuous support, you need to register a Discord account then join our Sage-Code discord community. You will be able to connect with other mentors, recruiters, developers and students that share resources and help each other. However you can learn without a Discord account!

Github Account

To participate on projects and also to have access to our training repositories, you will need a GitHub account. This is also optional. However, any developer should know how to work with Git. We have a Git course. Sooner or later you will need to register a GitHub account if you follow our courses.

Join us: Use the social icons below to visit our places and connect. We are active on Discord, Reddit and Linkedin. If you consider yourself one of us, tell your friends about it. After you join, visit our services and start your own project. Soon you will be a succesful Sage-Code developer. Learn and prosper! 🖖