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We offer SaaS, machine learning and project hosting services. As a freelancer or developer you can create and maintain your own projects or team-up for a project and start building with our support. This can help you demonstrate you abilities to develop higher quality software with a team.


We use internet resources and cloud computing. For build and deployment, we use our own laptop, desktops or local servers. If you need special resources for your project, contact us on Discord for support. We can share some of our own resources to help you build & maintain your project.

These are some other resources we recommand for your next project. We can assist you to setup a distributed projects on the cloud, to use these resources properly and create your own SaaS application. You can pay as you go for receiving our support, or you can take over and build on your own without our contribution.

# Name & Location Description
1 Repository Version control system
2 Hosting Front end build & deployment
3 Storage Database, files & API
4 Sponsor Self promotion & monetization
5 Testimonial VIP member profile page
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Service Details

Git Repository

We use GitHub for version control. We have migrated all our projects to GitHub in private and public repositories. Most of our projects are under SageCode organization. Every developer & mentor can have it's own projects hosted under his own account. We manage only common projects under Sage-Code and not individual projects.


Vercel is a strong option for project hosting if you prioritize speed, security, and ease of use. Their "Frontend Cloud" platform streamlines deployment and integrates with popular Git providers. This allows you to focus on development while Vercel handles infrastructure and global content delivery for a fast user experience. Plus, their automatic scaling and built-in security features ensure your project stays up and running smoothly.


We use internet services to create and manage PostgreSQL databases. One of our favorite provider: Neon provide free and payed subscription for hosting your database. We will use this service to create and manage our own serverless databases

We preffer to use PostgreSQL over other databases for it's reach features and low price. As you know PostgreSQL is open source and is a hybrid database. We know how to laverage stored procedures using pgSQL and how to optimize structure of these databases for highest performance.

To become a Sage-Code sponsor you need a Discord account. You can sponsor one of our projects on GitHub or make a direct donation of 10$ to Sage-Code, using PayPall. We provide special services to our sponsors. We advice our sponsors to follow us on Twitch and subscribe to our channel for watching live streaming. This is a great opportunity to participate on chat and make yourself known among our students.

  1. Discord invite
  2. Twitch follow
  3. GitHub sponsor
Subscription: After you join Discord, make a single donation of 10$ or 10$/year. This is 0.85¢/month. Scan the QR code or click PayPall image and make a payment, then you should claim your @sponsor role on Discord. If you don't like what you receive we send you money back.


We create VIP page for each of our mentors & sponsors. You can use this page for self promotion, to demonstrate you have completed our training program and provide references to your work. How it works: After you subscribe we start collecting data about you and your activity. Then we create a certificate of completion and a testimonial page. You can visit our VIP homepage and check our sponsors.

Having a testimonial page is very important aspect of your membership on Sage-Code. You can list your qualifications and provide links to your work. VIP pages are created and managed by our mentors with your help. You can ask for support to manage your testimonial content on Discord.

Visit VIP homepage

60 days Trial

We offer 60 days money back warranty. Before ordering anything, you should join on Discord and use our services 60 days before you become sponsor. Claim a role and chat in our channels. On Sage-Code Discord, self promotion is mandatory. If you like our services, make a donation and start your subscription.


Discord Invitation

Privacy policy

Access to your code-base is secure. Your activity in our organization and your projects are secret until you decide to make them public. You can remove your data or change password using Discord #help request any time. You have the right to be forgotten.

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