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This course is a comprehensive introduction to programming. It covers a wide range of topics, from basic syntax to advanced concepts. We have created these tutorials before AI was invented. It may not be perfect, but we have study hard to make this content accesible and easy to assimilate.


Anyone who wish to learn how to code is welcome to read and follow this course. We accept students, freelancers, mentors, engineers and professors who wish to learn how to code. This course is beginner friendly but you will have an advantage if you follow Software Engineering course first. If you don't you can watch the video below to get familiar with top programming languages.

Top Languages

▶ Top Languages


This programming courses can help you learn the skills you need to become a peofessional coder. The course covers the essential syntax and semantic for various programming languages. Professional coders usually master 3 up to 5 programming languages but they are also familiar with main features of other top languages. There are many benefits for learning several programming languages:

As ChatGPT and AI continues to develop, it will become increasingly capable of performing tasks that are currently done by human programmers. Learning multiple programming languages will help you avoid becoming obsolete. Elite programmers will still be needed to design and implement new software applications, and to solve complex problems that AI cannot.


Our course contain tutorials for 21 popular programming languages. We advice for beginners to start with one of the simplest languages: Go, Julia, Dart or Python. More advanced developers, of course can chose whatever language they prefer. Selecting your first programming language is a difficult task. Read and watch the content below, to help you decide better.

# Language Description
01 Go   Back-end high performance compiled language
02 Julia Back-end, dynamic scientific language
03 Dart Front-end, multi-platform, dynamic language
04 Python Back-end most popular, dynamic scripting language
05 Ruby Back-end most productive dynamic script language
06 PHP Back-end, popular web development language
07 JavaScript Web front-end, default programming language
08 Nim Native, strongly-typed hybrid programming language
09 Rust Compiled high performance and safe system language
10 Fortran High-level, performant and safe engineering language
11 Bash High-level, system scripting language for linux
12 C   Low-level, high performance but unsafe system language
13 C++  High-level, object oriented programming language
14 Java Back-end very popular object oriented language for JVM
15 Scala Back-end functional programming language for JVM
16 PL/SQL Back-end database specific programming language
17 Swift Apple native programming language for MAC OS
18 Assembly Low level programming language for system programmers
19 C# A Java clone created by Microsoft, good for games.
20 Ada Type safe, reliable object oriented language.
21 Zig Compiled, native, very fast language.

Prep Quiz

For every language we provide one prep quiz that has 100 questions each. Next developer quiz is a fast general quiz you can take to learn how a prep quiz look like. If you score more than 80% at any of these quizzes you can claim the Sage-Code Developer role on Discord. Our quizzes are created with Google forms. You need a Google account to login before you start a quiz.
Developer Quiz

Developer Quiz

Privacy Terms: We respect your privacy. We do not list quiz results. We do not collect e-mail addresses and do not send you unsolicited messages. Your results are stored for a while securely on Google drive for review and support. From time to time we prune all the resulat. We do not have a back-end database that could be hacked.

Second Chance

You can take this quiz only once. After first try, you can request support on Discord. An instructor can review your answers and reset your score so you can try this exam a second time. If you fail a second time we assume you have not follow the class properly so you should return to the class and study more before next try.

Your contribution

Our courses have open source examples stored on GitHub. You can signal errors or start a discussion. We are looking for volunteers that wish to contribute to open source projects. You can join Sage-Code core team to improve our articles. We are looking for technical writers, speakers and code maintainers. If you participate you will hold a stake in our startup.

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