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We are hosting several software projects on GitHub. We have selected a different tech stack for each project. Some of our projects are private, some are open source. If you like any of these, you can join our core team. We appreciate a donation before you join a project.

Grow your skills

Anyone who need work experience can contribute to our open source projects. This is a great opportunity to get familiar with tools and processes. We interact with each other using GitHub and Discord. You can learn these tools and connect with other members to exchange knowledge, collaborate and resolve work items. When you contribute on GitHub your skill and reputation will grow automatically.

1. Get Developer Role

If you fill ready to contribute, send a direct message to @elucian on Discord for a short interview. We will chat about your skills and goals, then if you qualify we send you an invitation to join our GitHub core tem. You will receive this invitation in e-mail then you can clone our projects on your computer and contribute.

2. Set Linkedin Profile

If you don't have a job yet, you can apply to work for Sage-Code as a volunteer and connect your Linkedin account to our organization. We will endorse your skills and experience. This will improve your chances to be found by companies, receive offers and get a real job. We will never fire you and you can continue learning new skills here to bust your career.

3. How to make money?

The best way to make money is to have a Job in tech. You can also make money by working as a freelancer on side projects or starting your own project and monetizing it. However, the cost of developing and hosting software on the cloud can be very high. That's where we come in. We offer affordable project hosting services that you can use to learn, develop, run, and release software with minimal costs. Visit our service page to learn more about this opportunity.

List of Projects

Disclaim:  Our projects are disruptive and influential. The intention is to teach ourselves how to code. If you learn something wrong, or any case of misuse, we can not be held responsible for causing any disappointments, business losses, brain damage or other inconveniences. Use this software with caution.
#? Project Description Technology Source
1+ Maj Artificial language Google Docs, HTML & Python 📂
2> Bee Compiled language JavaScript & Zig 📁
3> EVE Interpreted language JavaScript & Rust 📁
4> CSR Static Website Hugo + Learn theme 📂


? Status ? Status ? Source
|| on hold + released 📂 open
> in work * archived 📁 close

License & Terms

Not ours: We do not develop Sage Accounting nor Sage Math or Sage Language. The word sage used in these project names is merely a coincidence. If you are looking for these projects we feel sorry for you but you are in the wrong place. These projects exist somewhere else on the internet, not here.


We have set-up on GitHub a discussion board for every project. Visit our repository and read the instructions to learn how you can contribute. Select the project and navigate to discussion board to report issues, ask questions or make suggestions for improvements. Mentors can merge PR requests. Sage-Code developers can create issues, Sage-Code students can resolve issues.

GitHub Repository

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