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What is Bee?

Bee is an experimental, general purpose computer language created by Sage-Code Laboratory. We have started design in June 2008. We will improve the design until we have a sponsor. Then we will try to implement a compiler for it.
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Bee Tutorial

Next we will describe Bee syntax using examples of code and classical Backus-Naur Form (BNF). This tutorial represents also a high level design. We organize the pages in logical order from basic concepts to advanced to describe the language features and use cases.

Disclaimer: We use Bee for pseudo-code. There is no implementation yet capable to execute Bee code. However, in this documentation we refer to Bee using perfect tense to simplify the text and avoid future text modifications.

Basic Concepts

Advanced Concepts

Bee Keyboard

Bee require Unicode symbols, therefore is hard to type. To overcome this obstacle we have design a special keyboard inspired by APL (A programming language). APL was a failure. At that time Unicode was not yet available and the symbols used by APL do not match symbols we use for Bee language. Also we consider to create a software (app) keyboard that will be available on mobile and tablet. With these tools nobody can say Bee is hard to type.


Bee-14a Layout

Bee Quiz

Next quiz has 100 questions for beginners to check Bee syntax. You can scan the code using a mobile or tablet. If you are already on mobile device, tap the code below to start the quiz. It requires you to sign-in using your Google account. Good luck!
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Bee - Quiz

Terms: If you take the quiz with 80% or more we recognize you as Sage-Code developer. You can claim a certificate of completion. Wen the Bee compiler will be available you will be able to contribute with Bee code and teach other people Bee language. Tell your friends about your new skills and join our core team.

Warning: There is another language called Bee on this website: I was not aware of it when we have created Bee project. We will not rename the Bee language. To avoid confusion, you can refer to Bee by it's acronim SCBL Sage-Code Bee Language.

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