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Zig is a blazing fast, statically typed, compiled systems programming language with a modern C-like syntax, offering low-level control, built-in memory safety, and powerful meta-programming capabilities. It prioritizes developer happiness with straightforward error messages, a friendly compiler, and an active community, aiming to be the lean, efficient, and enjoyable alternative for building performant software.

What is the best introduction to Zig? Maybe this video, created by it's author: Andrew Kelley @ GOTO 2022. Watch 1h presentation and wow about this language. Zig is out there and is kicking. Don't ignore it's potential.

Zig Presentation

▶ Zig Presentation


const std = @import("std");

fn main() {
  std.print("Hello, world!\n");

Yes, is a curly bracket language, and looks like C but also looks like Rust. This will help you because the transition is not so difficult. Though Zig is very young and therefore not suitable for a production project yet, soon it will be ready. By the time you finish learning it you will find jobs for Zig.

The Zig Software Foundation is a non-profit corporation founded in 2020 by Andrew Kelley, the creator of Zig, with the goal of supporting the development of the language. Currently, the ZSF is able to offer paid work at competitive rates to a small number of core contributors. We hope to be able to extend this offer to more core contributors in the future. The Zig Software Foundation is sustained by donations.

Memory-Safe C Alternative

Zig isn't just a replacement for C, it's a strategic evolution. Think of it like a sleek sports car compared to a rugged tank. Both get you there, but with vastly different approaches. Here's why Zig shines:

Reliable and Predictable

Efficient and Performant

Developer-Friendly and Expressive

In essence, Zig takes the raw power and control of C, adds a layer of robust safety and developer-friendly features, and wraps it in a modern, performant package. It's the ideal choice for building reliable, efficient, and enjoyable systems software.

So, ditch the memory leaks and cryptic errors, and experience the joy of programming with Zig!

Note: This description focuses on Zig's advantages over C for systems programming. Consider mentioning other aspects like its suitability for high-performance applications, embedded development, or even web development depending on your target audience.

Zig Quiz

We will prepare a quiz that you can take for fun. This is a prep quiz that check your memory for zig syntax. This is not an exam but will help you grow confidence and stimulate you to learn details. Every question has at least one correct answer, sometimes two or more answers are correct. Select all correct answers to get 1 point for each question.

Zig Quiz

Zig Quiz

If you pass this exam you can claim a developer certificate. We provide certification for free but you must take at least 80%, that is 80 points from 100. If we add more questions you must score more points. After you take the exam, post feedback on Discord. We will use your feedback to improve the quiz.

Study Zig Syntax

We use AI to learn syntax and we create a special series of articles. This is our experiment not a reference manual. You can contribute to this tutorial if you are part of Sage-Code core team. In parallel we create quiz. If you pass this quiz we will recognize you as a Zig developer and you will be considered for a position in tech to implement real projects.

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