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What is Rust?

Rust is a statically typed programming language that is focusing on safety and performance. It’s a third generation language with features inspired from a high-level languages. It was created by Graydon Hoare who is working for Mozilla organization. Rust is a mature language ready for production.

Video Lecture

If you have the bandwidth, you can watch the next video for a quick introduction to Rust. This film is 1:30 long, and is very informative for beginners. It was recorded by Elucian in April 2022. Elucian has started recording new lectures on 8 of April 2023 and will record 10 new lectures. Lecture length 25 - 50 minutes watch time.

Rust Tutorial

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Learning Rust

Next we will describe Rust language in details. Our tutorial is a fast forward, high level introduction, not a reference documentation. If you are looking for an advanced tutorial, ignore the index and try the quiz below. If you fail the quiz, study this tutorial to find the answers.

Tutorial Articles

  1. Fundamentals:
  2. Professional:

Rust Quiz

Next quiz is a prep quiz not an exam. It contains basic questions about language syntax. You can scan the code using a mobile or tablet. If you are already on mobile device, tap the code below to start the quiz. It requires you to sign-in using your Google account.
Rust Quiz

Rust - Quiz

Privacy Terms: We do not collect your e-mail address but we record your name with the test results on Google drive. If you take more than 80% we will recognize your skill and will endorse you on Linked-in. If you don't agree, you can use name: Anonymous or a fake name but then we can't endorse your new skills.

External References

We have learned Rust ourselves from these external references. For deep learning you are invited to read these external resources. We have link only resources that have no ads and are safe to use.

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