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What is Maj Saga?

Maj is an artificial constructed language designed for quick chat. Maj is a new language for international use. Maj Saga is our Discord server where you can learn about Maj language and you can chat using Maj.
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Maj Grammar

Next we will describe Maj language in details using examples. Maj should be more easy to learn compared to other languages but it will require many hours of study because it has a relative large and rich vocabulary. This language is not yet spoken by anybody. Next document was created to introduce Maj language to other conlang creators.

Maj design was started in 2020. Since then we have created a dictionary and basic grammar. Our dictionary has about 5000 words and expressions. We work hard to create new words and we create examples to learn the language from short text articles and stories.

Google Doc: Maj Akara (Grammar)


We are in the process of making new HTML pages to improve user experience learning Maj. This will take a while. Until the new pages are getting ready you can use the document above and ignore this index.

(*): These pages, are not yet available.

Maj Dictionary

We use Google docs to create a dictionary. These include translation in 6 languages. In the future we will create a database and a translation form. For now these spreedsheets is all we have. So far Maj has basic words and slowly we add new words.

Google spreedsheet:

Discord Community

For this project we have an intercambio community for learning foreign languages. We will chat about Maj in many languages. We can talk abaut everything but espacially about Maj. We can make new words and expressions. You are invited to join in and start learning Maj using these language:

Maj is inspired and influenced by these languages. You can learn how to chat using Maj alphabet. We use Maj latin alphabet for chat. You can use Maj script to create secret messaje latters to other people who knows Maj. Maj is not yet known language and Maj script is difficult to learn. Therefore Maj is a secret language until people learn it.


Invitation to Discord
(Maj School)

External Tools

We have created external tools for learning Maj language. You can use these tools to practice reading and writing. For now these tools are simplistic and demonstrative. We have plan to create our own tools when the time is right.

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