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What is Java?

Java is an object oriented programming language designed to be safe and overcome C++ errors. Can run on many operating systems: Android, Windows, Linux and IOS. It is a popular, back-end enterprise language. Also is the default language for Android devices.

Video Lectures

If you have the bandwidth, you can watch the next video play-list on YouTube to learn Java language. This series of 8 videos is very informative. It was recorded on Twitch and exported to YouTube. Like and subscribe!

Java Fundamentals Playlist

▶ Java Fundamentals (playlist)

Tutorial Index

Next topics will describe Java language in details from beginner to advanced level. We organize content in long pages so you can use the infinite scroll for each topic. At the end of of page there is a link for opening the next page so you can read the entire tutorial like a book.


Object Oriented:

Advanced features:

Java - Quiz

Next quiz does not have a time limit, but you should finish in less than 45 minutes. You can scan the code using a mobile or tablet. If you are already on mobile device, tap the code below to start the quiz. It requires you to sign-in using your Google account.
Java Quiz

Java - Quiz

Privacy Terms: We do not collect your e-mail address but we record your name with the test results on Google drive. If you take more than 80% we will recognize your skill and will endorse you on Linked-in.

External References

Our tutorial is not perfect, may be some information missing. For deep learning please use Oracle reference manuals that are very extensive. We use Oracle resources ourselves to make this tutorial. We share more resources on Discord.

Search in the documentation

In the past, Oracle documentation was difficult to search but things got better. Now is possible to use Oracle search form to find help. This is a precious new feature that makes Oracle products much more approachable.

Oracle Help Center: Search

Tip: This is very nice but you have to know what to search for. In order to search effectively it is a good idea to follow Sage-Code Java Tutorial page by page until you finish. Then, when you need to use a feature you can dive into the details using the help center.

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