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What is C#?

C# is an advance general purpose 3'rd generation programming language. It is default language for applications on Windows platform and Azure cloud platform. It was created in 2000 at Microsoft by Anders Hejlsberg.

Video Lecture

If you have the bandwidth, you can watch the next video that explain C# usability and introduce you to free learning and certification program. Provided by free code-camp in collaboration with Microsoft learning platform.

C# Certification Program

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Learning C#

For learning C# there are numerous resources on the Internet. We have provided links to these resources. Also you can join Discord and have 101 mentoring session. If this is your first language, we teach you C# for free. If this is a second language you learn from us, we charge you a small fee. But, if you can learn alone there is no need to pay anything, just follow the links and learn for free in your own pace.

Run C# Examples

For learning C# we use our favorite website. That can run almost any language, for free. I prefer to use this website to store examples for your training. You do not need to install a C# compiler on your computer. You can log-in using your personal GitHub account and you can create new examples.

example TestCS

C# - Prep Quiz

Next quiz has only 30 questions for now but it will grow soon. Each question value one point. It is special designed for a mobil device. You can click, tap or scan the image below to start. This quiz does not have time limit, but it requires you to sign-in using your Google account. Break a leg!
C# Quiz

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Privacy Terms: We do not collect your e-mail address but we record your name with the test results on Google drive. If you take more than 80% we will recognize your skill and will endorse you on Linked-in. If you don't agree, use your Discord ID or an imaginary name but then we can't endorse you.

External References

C# language has free documentation provided by Microsoft and free courses you can follow. We have cover only the fundamentals in our tutorial. We advice you to study more C# using these resources:


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