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Ada Tutorial

Ada is a general-purpose, statically typed programming language with strong support for modularity, concurrency, exception handling, and design by contract. It is widely used in critical systems, including aerospace, defense, and medical devices, as it is known for its safety, reliability,

Video Lecture

Ada language is complex and can't be learned in a single video, however I have searched on YouTube and I have link to a random Ada video I have found interesting. I put the link to this video until we have the resources to create our own play-list.

Ada Language

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Learning Resources

Our tutorial is work in progress. For deep learning please use these external resources.We have selected only resources that have no ads and are safe to use. We will use these resources ourselves to make this tutorial later.

Tutorial Index

Our tutorial will be built on GitHub using HTML and Bootstrap. We will search examples and create new examples ourselves. Also we use AI to create our articles. Though AI is not yet fully capable to teach you Assembly we think that has potential to speed up your research. Subscribe to Blog newsletter. By the time we finish the Blog series you will be able to contribute to our HTML tutorial.

Ada Quiz

Next quiz has 100 questions and no time limit. You can scan the code using a mobile or tablet. If you are already on mobile device, tap the code below to start the quiz. It requires you to sign-in using your Google account. Good luck!
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Ada - Quiz

Privacy Terms: We do not collect your e-mail address but we record your name with the test results on Google drive. If you take more than 80% we will recognize your skill and will endorse you on Linked-in. If you don't agree, you can use name: Anonymous or a fake name but then we can't endorse your new skills.

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